We provide high technology hardware and software solutions to help our customers enhance their communication and operations process. Our solutions consist of three big components : Smart Office Solutions, Command & Control Solutions, and People Development Solutions. These solutions are also supported by a professional after-sales services such as training services, as well as professional development and maintenance program.


We provide our customers with the correct tools to manage all available data and information from various sources and turn it into valuable knowledge that will help business and organization in communication or decision making process.

Our Command and Control System concept serves as the visualization, coordination and security engine for the  streamlining the steps of Assess, Locate, Act, and Analyze, thereby enabling organizations to better manage operational risk.

The combination of our latest and advanced technology of Videowall, Digital Signage, Interactive Display, LED Display, Control System, Audio System and Security System will enable our customers to build the next generation of secure and dynamic Command and Control System

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We enable an office as a space to provide full support for its employee to perform to their best potential and understands the dynamic of a business and the people around it thus increasing efficiency and productivity with digital environment and automation system as well as simplify complex tasks.

We designed smart office system specially for meeting room, board room, conference room and staff area. With our powerfull tools: Room booking system, interactive display, wireless presentation system, room automation, video conference system, lighting and audio system will embracing the new standards of a interconnected workspace. Let us help you to encourage your employees to apply the digital culture and improve their productivity.


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We offer our customer the next level of Training Center concept. We build Training center facilities with collaborative learning tools, smart class system, and distance learning technology.

We help our customer to create and deliver content in a variety of methods ranging from local laptop presentations and files served up from a corporate intranet, to tablets and other physical product demonstrations. If needed, our technology allows participant to join the training remotely without being in regular face-to-face contact with a trainers in the training room.